Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground - New Record

Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground, the new band from a couple of former Gatsbys American Dream members, has just finished their new record. Trust me, it's great!

The band has decided to stream the entire album on their Myspace page on Friday, August 14th.

Kirk wrote the following on their Myspace blog:
"Through triumph and tragedy we are pleased to announce that our new record is done!we are still developing the release schedule, but since we all collectively feel like big stinky ass-holes for leaving all of you waiting for such an extended period of time to hear everything, we've decided to stream the whole damn record come Friday right here on the old myspace page."

Still no word on who will be releasing it, (they'd be perfect for Suburban Home, if anyone cares).